Opportunities for Change

Shamcey Supsup, Stepping Up Her Game!

by Raymund Thom L. Golez

From the rivalries of fans during Bb. Pilipinas 2011, Ms. Shamcey Supsup, who is in Brazil proves that she can make it to the top. Officially, when Shamcey stepped on the 1st tile or as she goes down in the airplane, her thinking changes. Probably this is what she said to herself when she was OFFICIALLY in BRAZIL “Ok! Shamcey, no more jokes, although its the beginning, but you need to step it up!” Shamcey, was one of the first ladies who arrived in Brazil.

Though she was tired from the flight from Bogota, Colombia for a 10-day training, she tried to get the attention to the media by showing her NEW skills from the 2-months of training. And this was the outcome of her arrival!

With her dress she wore, she WOWED us with her smile and the way she carried herself. Despite from the tiring trip, she still exudes more confidence. With that confidence in Shamcey, she was able to meet new friends ahead like

Ms. Aruba, Gillain Berry

and Ms. Costa Rica, Johanna Solano

After few days, Shamcey was able to adjust to the environment wherein, diverse ladies were present. It’s not easy to mingle with 88 ladies. In my mind, Shamcey haven’t met yet half of the ladies! But probably close friends of Shamcey so far are those underdogs. BUT HER MOST CLOSE FRIEND IS MS. KOREA, Sora Chong.

The day after her arrival, Shamcey stepped on to Photoshoots! But I don’t know where are they now? In my mind, photographers are somewhat making surprises to us Filipinos.

But with so far she has, she is very lucky, indeed she is blessed especially in votings like the Telemundo, and in Missosology. Would this mean that probably she would also get the highest votes in Miss Universe and gets the lucky spot with the 19k seen on the voting?

Shamcey so far had attended one event that ladies were just handpicked, and it was the “OPERATION SMILE” with Ms. China, Ms. Venezuela, Ms. Brazil and Miss Universe herself Ximena Navarette!

It was just the beginning! Let’s wait for more and she feels your support and love for her… She cannot thank each one of you one by one but she wants to show her gratitude with these tweets:

and “iba talaga mag-mahal ang mga pinoy! kayo na! kayo na talaga!”

She rarely tweets, but a tweet is enough to see her and hear from her!

We will never get tired of supporting you girl!! For Philippines!!




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